Argentina is one of the most important football country of South America with a population of 40 million. The capital city is Buenos Aires, and 15 of the 30 clubs in the first league of the country are the capital city clubs.

Turkey to Buenos Aires non-stop flight takes around 16 hours. The time difference between the two countries is 6 hours.

Buenos Aires is considered as one of the world’s cultural capital. It is an attractive art city that appeals to different lifestyles with a cosmopolitan and colourful atmosphere, where all the styles are together. AFA, Argentine Football Association is the oldest football association in South America and the eighth in the world. Argentina played a leading role in the development of continental football. It is the first football association of the continent that is a member of FIFA, the international governing body of association football. Argentina is one of the world’s leading football schools, ranked first in the FIFA rankings.

Since its foundation in 1893, AFA has won more than one hundred international cups. Argentina’s success in football is not by chance. Thanks to the significant investments made in the youth academies, numerous international successes have been achieved in the lower age categories. Argentina, that our project team reviews on site, with its unique cosmopolitan cultural structure, strong infrastructure, and its football school, is one of the most suitable centres for the goals of the PreFootball program.

We can see how successful the youth academy system in Argentina works, if we take into account in Argentine football leagues the number of footballers who have come through the youth academies of each year and who have been transferred abroad from Argentina and the performances of these footballers.

The competitive and passionate nature of the youth academy system in the country is an excellent model for training high-level athletes. Qualified coaches, who manage the transfer of experience and knowledge best, also have a great share in this system’s success. The wide range of possibilities offered to young footballers, the trainings on the football field or outside, and the works to help career planning make Argentina an important country. It provides an important experience for the young footballers that Argentina has a unique football style recognized in world football and becomes popular by the stars it has added to world football. During the history of football, its legendary footballers have been role model for the young talents and enabled them to target the top levels.