Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are PreFootball Development Programs trials or try-outs at its partner clubs?

No, they are not. Our programs do not provide any footballers transfers or related activities.

PreFootball Development Programs aim football, social and mental development for young footballers, and increasing the quality of football teams. 

2. Which age categories are able to join PreFootball Development Programs?

Everyone between 8-18 years old is able to join to the programs.

3. Who can join PreFootball Development Programs?

Our programs are open for football clubs, football academies, university teams, schools, and association’s -both for girls and boys footballers. Besides our programs are open also for coaches.

4. How is the process of PreFootball Development Programs?

You choose one of PF partner clubs –with considering availability of the partner club. Then, we create a program calendar and activity lists according to your team’s goals and needs.

5. What is the cost of the programs? 

The cost of the programs varies depending on the duration, activities, number of participants, and the destinations. Contact your PF Tour Director for a selected program.

6. Who will take of your group at the partner club?

PF Tour Guide will accompany your group from the first minute until the last minute. Our guides are bilingual and they are prepared to manage any situation may occur.